Hoverboard Accidents

Hoverboard accidents

Take one look at the news and you will find stories of hoverboards and accidents. If it wasn’t obvious before, the word is out about the dangers of hoverboards. While wildly popular and THE christmas gift of the 2015 season, many stores are now banning hoverboards due to liability reasons. Search Google news for ‘hoverboard accident’ and you’ll find plenty of stories of broken arms, broken wrists and even deaths. For example here are some of the hoverboard accident stories:

  • Atlanta boy suffers a broken finger after his hand stuck in the wheel
  • A girl nearly had her toe severed after her lost her balance and fell
  • ISSA driver Joao Barbosa suffered a broken wrist after falling off his hoverboard to avoid his dog
  • A teenage boy was killed over a hoverboard accident involving a car
  • The wife of the Singapore prime minister injured her arm in a hoverboard accident
  • A Florida teenager accidentally shot his 13 year old cousin and killed him after losing his balance on his hoverboard (you have to be pretty stupid to be holding a gun on a hoverboard by the way)
  • A teen boy was knocked unconscious after falling off his hoverboard

These are just a handful of stories and there are thousands more like it. In addition to the serious injuries, hoverboards are also causing fires. The Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) are currently conducing testing on hoverboards and the lithium batteries that can cause a short circuit which can cause a fire. The use of cheap ION lithium batteries seems to be the main issue. There are already lawsuits being filed as the result of fires.

Between the fires and all the hoverboard injuries that happen everyday, you can expect the number of hoverboard lawsuits to skyrocket this year.

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